Change The Way You Think About Exercise and The Way You Exercise Will Change

A while back, I was at a dinner party with some friends and acquaintances. We were talking fitness (it always comes up when it’s your job) and one of the husbands slapped his wife on the a** and said “My girl’s lucky—she’s doesn’t need to workout”.  This nearly had me on the ceiling but we were having dinner and it would have been inappropriate to school him in front of everyone so I bit my tough. Not an easy feat for me.

Many people have the misconception that being naturally thin means they don’t have to exercise. EVERYONE has to exercise. Literally EVERYONE needs and will benefit from it. Being a size 2 does not mean you are healthy. Some of the unhealthiest people I know are naturally very thin. 

We have been conditioned for DECADES through television, movies, social media, our moms and grandmas (they didn’t know any better-they were conditioned too) that exercise is for weight loss and a “diet” means restricting what you eat in an effort to lose weight.  So many of us thought for years that the answer to “undo” damage, to “erase” the bad calories we just binged on, to punish ourselves for having too much fun over the weekend was too starve ourselves and/or go overboard at the gym until we didn’t feel guilty anymore. Sooo many people are using fitness to rationalize making poor decisions about their other lifestyle choices. On the other end of the spectrum, some people reward themselves for their workouts with food, drinks and alcohol. 

We have had a really messed up view of fitness and how it should fit into our lives!

The BEST way to look at fitness, isn’t as punishment for poor choices or a bargaining chip, it’s as the highest form of self-respect. Say it with me THE HIGHEST FORM OF SELF RESPECT. 

YOU deserve to be healthy. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel good about yourself.  Your body deserves to be fueled with the best nutrition and moved in a way that strengthens it and promotes longevity and graceful aging. You deserve to be around for your kids and your grandkids. If you love yourself, and you should, make yourself a top priority. Think about exercise as the kindest thing you can do for yourself, not just for all the physical benefits (and you guys, there are SO many, way more than just weight loss).

People who exercise live long, happier lives. You deserve that.