New Years Resolutions don’t work.

I hate to say it, especially in January but New Years resolutions set you up for failure. 

We’re conditioned to think that every year on January 1st we’re supposed to set massive goals, make major life changes, reinvent ourselves.

We’re not eating meat! No more drinking! I’m going to run five miles every day! I’m cutting out all sugar! Paleo here I come!  

We purge the pantry, buy new running shoes, tell ourselves “this is my year”! It sounds amazing and exciting. On January 2nd, after one more day of wine, too much cheese and a major food coma we join the hundreds of other excited people at the gym. We are so proud of ourselves! We feel amazing. 

This probably continues for you for a couple of weeks, or if you’re really resilient, a few months. The problem is, eventually you fall off. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We ALL do. The healthiest person you know, that bikini-wearing, clean-eating, gym-selfie taking friend? She does too. Let me repeat that because it is so important. EVERYONE FALLS OFF.

It’s human nature.

So, the real problem here (since falling off your plan is NOT the problem) are the unrealistic exception that we put on ourselves. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be a completely different person with new habits overnight that is not at all sustainable and we have a hard time recovering from the disappointment and guilt that we feel when it doesn’t work. So when we fall, we fall hard. We may get depressed and most of us will give up because that’s what’s comfortable and change is scary.

So how do we give ourselves to best chance of sticking with it??

Start SMALL- I know it’s exciting when you make the decisions to do something new and good for yourself but lets set ourselves up for success in the long-term.

Pick a different day- it sounds funny, but don’t make it a “new years resolution” thing because it’s not about 2017, it’s about the rest of your life. Trust me, if you look at it differently you won’t feel as bad when you fall off, and you’ll be ready to get back up and keep going. Besides, we should always be trying to improve ourselves not just because it’s January 1st.

Find your tribe! I love my #moxietribe! They are always motivating, positive and they have goals like me. It’s easier to stay on track when I’m surrounding myself with people who are what I aspire to be. It’s true that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Are those people goal-oriented? Are they motivated? 

Grant yourself some grace! For goodness sake, you’re human and that means your going to F$#@-up sometimes and eat too many carbs or make a few bad choices but guess what?!?!?! If your good choices out-weigh your bad ones you’re still kicking butt so WAY TO GO! 

So, go out ring in the new year, come home, make your vision board, set your small goals (hint: cutting out one thing at a time is what i recommend. Like soda. Stop drinking soda.) and start tackling them. And then when you fall off, forgive yourself and get back on. You’ll probably do it dozens of times this year but by next year you’ll still be better than you were last year. Just keep going!

Wishing you a happy 2017 and a healthy mind and body,
<3 L