“I hate working out! What do I do?”

One of the strangest things about being a fitness professional is the confessions I hear from from the people I meet. It happens a lot. When they find out what I do, it’s usually followed immediately by them telling me how long it’s been since they worked out, how bad they’ve been eating lately or the funniest of them all, why they can’t exercise (this is usually back or knee pain, to which I say THAT IS WHY YOU NEED TO WORKOUT, but that’s another blog).

The funniest (and most refreshing) of those conversations happened a few weeks ago when I met a woman who very bluntly and honestly exclaimed to me “I hate working out!” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She said it with more exasperation than I have when I say “I hate putting gas in my car” (seriously).

In her defense, she knew that she should be getting in some type of exercise and asked me what she should be doing since she hates to exercise. 

I love this question! Obviously, anything health and wellness related is my jam.

If you’ve tried to hit the weights and treadmill at some big box gym and felt bored out of your mind, you are not alone. (That’s exactly why Moxie was born ya’ll)

So, this is my answer…

Do what you DO like. Find something that you can find some enjoyment in. Be creative. Then, do it often until it becomes a habit, part of your identity. If you love to dance or you love music, a fun cardio dance or HIIT class would be a perfect place for you to start. Are you really social? A group class, walking or running club sounds great! If you prefer quiet time to yourself grab your bike and hit the trails.

The key is to keep doing it! You can actually train yourself to enjoy exercise. You just have to make it a habit by being consistent. Eventually, you’ll crave the way it makes you feel. Endorphins are the BEST high! You can train your mind to do anything. Anyone can become a fitness fanatic.

Try different things and find something you can have fun with. Fitness doesn’t have to be boring.

<3 L