HAVING MOXIE means having a desire to be better and the determination to go for it! With our team, you’ll get there. You’ll feel amazing working at a challenging level-for YOU, not your neighbor. Fitness isn’t complicated and it’s not about beating yourself up and working until you puke. It’s about respecting yourself, mind and body. We’re your cheerleaders, your drill sergeants and your accountability partners. This is our passion.

Grown from an idea of a fitness concept like no other, our fitness boutique collection was born. Combining all the things that you love about fitness in a fun and judgement-free environment.  We want to INSPIRE our community to move their bodies and value their health.

Our number one goal? To support you in creating a healthier and happier version of yourself.

This isn’t some meat-head muscle joint. It’s women (and some men) working at being the best versions of themselves. You’ll feel welcome here and free to be yourself. Our judgement-free policy guarantees it.

Lets do this together.

A Boutique Fitness Collection

Om Happy Day!

Work your body and your mind in Moxie Yoga, a fusion of yoga styles to help you relax, focus and find your zen. Aches and pains? This is the place to be to loosen tight muscles and strengthen that spine. Moxie Yoga is the perfect combination of strength and stretch! VOTED BEST YOGA IN NEWTON COUNTY! [55 minutes, all levels welcome, very beginner-friendly]

Meet me at the Barre

Inspired by the lean muscle of ballerinas, Barre is a fusion of pilates, yoga and isometric strength training designed to sculpt and lift. Set to music you love and taught by trained dancers this zero-impact workout is gentle on your joints and challenges everything else. [55 minutes, all fitness levels]

No Vintage Aerobics Here

It’s your hour to let loose and get crazy! Zero dance experience required (and not a mirror in sight!). Our dance and HIIT classes are an energy-infusing combination of dance cardio and muscle toning. It’s so fun, you’ll forget it’s good for you! Moxie is the first fitness studio in Georgia to offer SHiNE Dance Fitness™. Their motto is “You do You” and is in perfect alignment with Moxie’s Judgement-Free attitude. [45 minutes, all levels welcome]

Moxie & Muscle

It’s our signature a**kicker. Lace-up those shoes and get ready to work. MAX is for every BODY. Motivating coaches push you to YOUR limit (not someone else’s). Everyday is different and everyday brings a new and fun challenge. We combine bursts of cardio with tabata, kettle bells, body weight training and the occasional tire flip to keep you on your toes. You’ll never plateau with variety like this. [40-45 minutes, intermediate to advanced fitness levels]

Gravity IS your Friend

Gravity works for you in this suspension training class. This bodyweight training system, created by Navy Seals increases strength, core stability and balance for a full-body workout that works fast. *COMING SOON*

Moxie Life

Where we gab about all things health and wellness.

Change The Way You Think

Change The Way You Think About Exercise and The Way You Exercise Will Change A while back, I was at a dinner party with some friends and acquaintances. We were talking fitness (it always comes up when it’s your job) and one of the husbands slapped his wife on the a**...

New Years Resolutions don’t work.

New Years Resolutions don’t work. I hate to say it, especially in January but New Years resolutions set you up for failure.  We’re conditioned to think that every year on January 1st we’re supposed to set massive goals, make major life changes, reinvent ourselves....

I hate working out! What do I do?

“I hate working out! What do I do?” One of the strangest things about being a fitness professional is the confessions I hear from from the people I meet. It happens a lot. When they find out what I do, it’s usually followed immediately by them telling me how long it’s...

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